Mario Stefan: Producer & Investor

Innovative partnerships and collaborations

Mario is particularly open to co-productions with other film companies. He sees collaboration as an enrichment that not only expands creative horizons but also can lead to more efficient production processes. Through his international experience and diverse involvement in education, HR, and gastronomy, he brings a broad perspective and interdisciplinary approach to every production. 

Commitment to global projects

As an investor, Mario has a special interest in projects that cross cultural boundaries and address global issues. He actively supports co-productions that tell diverse stories from different parts of the world and attaches great importance to ensuring that these narratives are realised authentically and respectfully. His investments are shaped by the belief that films play a central role in promoting global awareness and intercultural dialogue.

Promoting diversity and innovation 

Mario is always on the lookout for innovative projects that have the potential to shape and advance the film industry. His investment strategy is geared towards supporting projects that are not only commercially successful but also have societal relevance. In doing so, he is always deeply committed and passionate about his work.

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Education of Mario Stefan

University of Television and Film Munich

   1996 - 2000

   Degree: Diploma in Production and Media Business

 Bavarian Academy of Advertising (BAW)

   1994 - 1996

   Field of Study: Specialist Advisor in Media Marketing and Film  Marketing

Awards and Recognitions

VGF Scholarship for Young Producers

Young Producer Award, Munich

Film Festival Sponsorship Award from the Free State of Bavaria

Producer of the Year (Bavarian Film Center)