Entrepreneurship with an

 multicultural aspect 


"In my role as an investor and producer at fieber.film, I open doors to worlds that are both familiar and new. Each of our projects is characterized by a deep respect for authentic cultural representations and thorough research. At fieber.film, it is my personal mission to demonstrate our dedication to multiculturalism through every film we bring to life. With these films, I aim to tell stories that touch the heart, provoke thought, and inform."


Feature films:


  • Homies (2011, Theatrical Feature, Director: Adnan Köse/Role: Production Manager) 
  • Las Vidas Posibles (2007, Feature, Germany/Argentina, Director: Sandra Gugliota/Role: Co-Producer) 
  • Die Boxerin (2004, Feature, ZDF, DFFB, FFF Bayern, Theatrical release in Germany, Director: Catharina Deus/Role: Co-Producer) 
  • This Very Moment (Feature, 2002, theatrical movie, Germany/Poland, Director: Christoph Hochhäusler/Role: Producer)
  • Deadly Diversion (Feature, 2002, Germany/Austria/UK, Director: Curt Faudon/Role: Co-Producer)
  • Vortex (2002, Feature, Science Fiction, Bayerischer Rundfunk, Director Michael Pohl/Role: Executive Producer)

TV films and documentaries:

  • Empathie (2010, TV Movie, Director: Mathias Kiefersauer/Role: Production Manager)
  • Terra X - Imperium. The Curse of Diamond (2014, TV Series, Director: Stephan Köster/Role: Line Producer) 
  • Redemption (2009, TV Documentary, Germany/Canada, Director: Sabrina Wulf/Role: Producer) 
  • Te Deum - Heaven on earth (2008, TV Documentary, Director: Susanne Aernecke/Role: Production Manager) 
  • Baching (2008, TV movie/Role: Production Manager) 
  • Deutschklasse (2002, TV movie,/Role: Production Manager)

Short films:

  • Nationale (2006, Germany/France, Director: Alex Barbey/Role: Producer)
  • Bach & Bouzouki (2006, Germany/Greece, Director: Angela Milonaki/Role: Producer)
  • Reality Check (2003/Role: Producer) 
  • Go to hell (2003/Role: Producer)  
  • Fieber (1998, HFF München, Director: Christoph Hochhäusler/Role: Producer) 



 "My Approach: I attach great importance to ensuring that the cultural representations in our films are authentic and respectful. My goal at fieber.film is to create films that not only entertain but also educate and build bridges between different cultures."